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--DKB, on British eccentricity

"Will You Ever Pay For Music Again?" | Login/Create an Account | 21 comments
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Re: Will You Ever Pay For Music Again? (Score: 1)
by Crafty Butcher on Tuesday, February 04 @ 07:13:44 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://

ok but i'll suggest vinyl. i practically provide a service ripping the vinyl i buy to mp3. if you like dance music or hiphop then you have a choice: buy the record or play the kazaa lottery and hope that some benevolent person liked that record and ripped for you.

thankfully tho, most vinyl is produced by small record labels and pressed in the few remaining plants not owned and then closed by the major record companies. so i do fork out a lot of cash for music cos of my arcane formatting needs but there's no hope of me pushing the AOLTW behemoth into the black anytime soon

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Re: Will You Ever Pay For Music Again? (Score: 1)
by italianstalionBM on Thursday, February 06 @ 15:39:19 GMT
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i don't think i'll ever pay for music again, partly for the fact that it just makes people who don't need it some crack money so they can sell their story on E!, it's pathetic, i'll take free music over crack any day...

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