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Re: Giuliani Confronted At New York Fundraiser (Score: 1)
by BlackFlag on Thursday, November 08 @ 00:31:49 UTC
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Yes, that's the point.

Anyone who wasn't surprised at the exact moment when the laws of physics suddenly stopped working is suspect.

But the real point of the story isn't that Guliani knew a few seconds beforehand that the towers would collapse, the point is that he wasn't in tower 7 at the time. Personally, if planes were dropping out of the sky, I'd be in a building designed to withstand an airliner impacts (multiple), earthquakes, fires, etc. NYC had a few such buildings, 2 of which were on fire. WTC7 also housed the 'Mayor's Office of Emergency Management' emergency command center. You'd think he'd use it after using over $16 million in tax dollars to uber-ize the interior into an apocalypse-proof bunker, but I dunno. Maybe that guido ***** knew something we didn't. Maybe you should ask a NYC firefighter. The ones that aren't dead from inhaling pulverized(!) concrete are fuckig pissed.

Or you could just take FEMA's word for it.

Collapse of WTC 1&2:
1. plane crashes into building
2. ???*
3. Plane crash obviously caused the collapse.

Collapse of WTC7:
1. some sort of fire
2. ???
3. collapse due to fire.

Ignoring for the moment that starting with #3 as your conclusion is bad science, the final conclusion of the FEMA investigation leaves us the same place we started (minus a few million in wasted tax dollars); 1. and 3. are 'known', and 2. is still undefined. FAIL! The whole point of the investigation was to fill in #2, and they could not do it.

A good analogy for the FEMA investigation-- Cheating at Tic Tac Toe against a retarded person, loosing, and convincing the person you won.

You are the retard, and if you think about it, you did loose.

*(many theories have been proposed by FEMA for "2.", all of which have been debunked)

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official cheap tory burch sale (Score: 1)
by officialcheaptoryburch on Friday, August 19 @ 03:42:21 UTC
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Re: Giuliani Confronted At New York Fundraiser (Score: 1)
by suprashoes on Sunday, September 04 @ 04:48:56 UTC
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by kmeili05h on Friday, September 23 @ 10:32:07 UTC
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by dashuang on Saturday, September 24 @ 01:42:17 UTC
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longchamp (Score: 1)
by dashuang on Saturday, September 24 @ 01:43:04 UTC
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doudoune moncler (Score: 1)
by dashuang on Saturday, September 24 @ 01:44:32 UTC
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air max 2011 (Score: 1)
by airmax2011 on Sunday, September 25 @ 23:41:15 UTC
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