Microsoft Virtual Server 2005
Date: Thursday, April 06 @ 23:14:16 UTC
Topic: Microsoft

On April 3, Microsoft announced that Virtual Server 2005 R2 Enterprise Edition will become available as a free download. You can use Virtual Server to create a robust virtualization environment for your production server consolidation, to support disaster recovery and high availability scenarios, and to consolidate mixed workloads including Linux guest operating systems.

I personally prefer a whole bunch of good old fashion servers so I have something to go around kick a dent in when each different one crashes, but currently at work about 70 servers are being decommissioned and setup on virtual boxes. It really makes me hate to think about how when the hardware in the virtual box dies, it's going to end up taking down more then one app at a time. But, I'm sure it also saves alot of money or something.

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