The Race Card in the Mayor's Race
Date: Friday, October 24 @ 08:16:20 BST

Commentary by Michael Smerconish

(10/21/03) The playing of "the race card" in connection with the investigation into City Hall is out of control and needs to be confronted.

Here is a prime example.

Last week, the offices of a prominent Center City lawyer were subject to federal subpoena. Over the weekend, this individual was asked by the Daily News why he was swept up in the probe. He said this:

“Because I am a black American doing what I think needs to be done, and people resent that. They resent that, that black men in America are supposed to be bowing down all the time and not doing nothing but having babies and not taking care of them.”

That is a deplorable statement from a supporter of a mayor who himself made clear who is "running the city."

We don’t know what is going on yet. But the presence of a federal investigation cannot itself become unchallenged fodder for fueling the worst instincts in humankind.

And those who inject race into the election must be confronted immediately.

I know that this is a philly only thing but the subject is nation wide.

I just think its funny that the people that cry about Race the most are the ones that are the first to play the race card.

Im starting to feel opressed because im a middle aged white guy.

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